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Is it alright to immunize my birds using lasota during breeding period?

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Faded time 29 Nov 2013

Since you don't mention the kind of birds you are referring to, i'm guessing its poultry. Some medications can be given at specific times as to not effect the clutch. If you are in an area with a high incidence of New castle's disease or avian influenza, and are aquiraring new birds, then you have reason to worry about disease.

Your safest bet would be to call a veterinarian who works with flock health. Most avian veterinarians work with pet birds with a chicken or duck here or there. If you don't know of a veterinarian that deals with flock health, call your veterinarian or if you are near a university with a veterinary school, those would be the places to start looking. Looking up things on the internet can be dangerous when it comes to information on medications as anyone can put out information whether it is true or not. Its always best to go to the source.

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