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If I take alprazolam two in morning and night too is it overdose ? I suppose take three times day?

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kaismama 9 May 2013

How many pills are you supposed to take each time?

endlessPred 9 May 2013

Three times per day is one in morning, one in afternoon and one before bed. Depending upon the dose of .25, .50, and so on, the prescription label would say if one or two pills three times per day.

Please call the pharmacy where you got them and ask what the instructions are for you. They will explain the times and the proper amounts. Your doctor will also clear this up.

If you take it twice a day two pills each you will not have an even amount of medication in your system and the middle of the day will be more anxious for you. These last for a few hours and that is why you take it during the day at regular times.

FreedomAngel12 9 May 2013

yes one in morning one in afternoon and one before bedtime and my pill is 0.5MG its like I take two pill whenever I have arguments with my family that I hated to argue it makes me more nerves so I take two instead one and will cause more effective my health ? I am diabetic my weight is 85-95 lbs
also 50 yrs

endlessPred 9 May 2013

Thanks for the information. I do understand the extra. I had permission to that as well on days when I was too anxious. The doctor changed my antidepressant and the anxiety is now seldom.

You need to talk to the doctor about how you are doing. Because Xanax is addictive, higher doses are needed over time. This is not a good thing. It may well be better to be placed on something else. Xanax is best used as a temporary drug.

Are you seeing a therapist to help you through this? That is the best solution. Lots can be done with anxiety these days. Karen free discount card

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