... depression. I also believe I have post traumatic syndrome from past occurrences in my life. However, I live in a small Christian town in Texas and doctors are very reluctant to put me on xanax. About 5 years ago I was put on it when a therapist diagnosed me with agoraphobia. I took 2 .5mg's every day for 2 years and when my insurance ran out, I could not get them. I then suffered severe withdrawal symptoms including hallucinating, inability to sleep or eat; quite frankly I felt I was in a walking dream.
I am now in the same pickle as before. I have been seeing a doctor for a year, but my insurance has ran out and I am unable to work. His treatment of the same 2 .5mgs a day, plus a 1mg klonipin at night has not made much impact, but did help with the daily stress of just.. being, and helped the symptoms of my TMJ a bit, but not enough of an impact to where I wasn't in pain every day- I still am.
I'm starting to get the symptoms of withdrawal again and am very afraid of losing my mind once again. I feel like if it happens this time, they will throw me in a psyche ward or rehabilitation place, still not understanding my issues.
What can I do? I'm scared and need advice