... trisotricolmania forgive the mispelling. And that it is stress induced. What we've noticed is she's super sensitive she will not stay alone with her dad because he's very strict he's military so everything must be spotless strange as this sounds she's exactly the same way but she cannot handle any of his yelling or any yelling there are days I wake her for school and find huge clumps of hair on her pillow and bald spots all over her head I have begun using wigs and extensions again because the kids at school are cruel and she was born a premed and started school at four so she's a little spunky prety peanut. Is there anything more I can do to realieve her stress I gave her own room she has many health disorders so o have to be careful with her I have to bathe her with bleach no scented anything she's epelepic she's got severe ecezema and her treatments burn her and bleach her skin severly she misses a lot of school she also has no sweat glands so we all must take her temperture every hour she's lacking vitimin d so I make sure she recieved everything she needs she's allergic to dust mold pollen so we had to tear up the rug and install bamboo flooring in her room she's a straight a child in school advanced for her age she's shy and I want her to play go outside have a normal life my other kids ate so great with her. Can anyone help me there's nothing I wouldn't do for my kids if I could have everything she has to make her life easy I would. I need advice. Please someone help me