I finally found a great Dr. its called Signature MD and I pay $125.00 per mon, to see him, he takes huge tests,, he could see that thru my DNA I don't have the gene in my body that causes Diabetes or Alsheimers, which my mother had bad, and he could see that my brain had some transmitters that with anti depressant alone would never help me,, I am very happy but cried all the time, since I have been taking the Deplin I am good, most Dr.s don't do these tests to that extent,, they started this new MD thing because there are so many baby boomers going to dr.s today that people are not gettting good medical care, so these guys take more time, so extra powerful tests, and take your health very serious, their goal is to keep people alive and out of nursing homes, and he is doing a good job with me, Hope this helps someone, any Dr. can prescribe Deplin, if they don't know what it is tell them to research it,, My Dr. also put his wife on it!!! Kathy