hey all, first i have a few questions? why is it, that when i wake in the morning, when i can get a decent nites sleep, is the withdrawls worse? 2) my dr upped my xanax to 1 mg as needed up to two times a day, he says, it will help with my wds, and panic/anxiety that seems to be getting worse by the taper? 3) why is it whenever a celebrity dies, the topic prescription drug abuse is HEADLINE, so with that being said, it scares the crap out of me. and you would think that alone would give my taper journey a big PUSH if you know what i mean. 4) since im reducing i use a pill cutter, i read that your not suppose to do that for the reason we may not be getting the correct dose, could be more or less we are ingesting, anyone know anything about that matter and what do you think?, tonite, hawaii time i found myself with restless leg and arm syndrome which i call the "ibby jibbys" , cause thats what it feels like. im still doing the treadmill and riding my bike, i love the sweat because i know that with the sweat comes toxins being released. the one thing that i stopped taking was the zofran, dont get me wrong it works great with withdrawls, but it also stops you up big time and to me, thats just the worse anyone can deal with. so my anxiety has gotten worse, but im able to control it with out going to the er, by coloring, journaling, and taking my xanax which then puts me to sleep and i guess im asleep so i forget about it. lol. im still struggling with this taper, but i know that i got to keep trudging or i will fail continuously, you see, usually i give up and give in, and thats my problem. i have to replice that with something else positive. i will conquer this here monster of mines, and i know i will. ill keep you all posted, and anyone out there thats also struggling with a taper, please do not give up. we can do it, ttyl, leanne