aloha family, so as little as it may sound i have finally made it down to 12 pills a day. i was using the help of zofran, which is given to patients withdrawing off of opiates. i stopped taking it cause it made my stomache very sore and always backing me up and crampy. i was also on that supplement i got from my job, which yes worked, but decided that it could have also been that that was giving me tummy trouble. really bad aches, bloody stoole , sorry for the grosseness. so now what i do is just drink lots of water, use aleve for breakthru pain, stretch, pray and make use of tokuhan/solonpas patches or tiger balm. the gaps between doses are now between 8-10 hours, how awesome is that!!i know so many suffer opiate dependancy and withdrawls when trying to quit, my neighbor being one of them. so all i try and do is tell him what helps me. and told him he should look up this site since so many here at dc truly cares and want to see us get thru it. whats also helped me is the bussiness at my job, on my feet all day, ringing up customers and getting to know all of the regulars, talking story with them and making new friendships, its a great job. and i love it. as for the ibby jibbys, resltless leg and arm syndrome, and actually entire body, i havent woken up this early with withdrawls with the squirmy feeling like this. im thinking its cause the other nite i missed one of my doses, i dont know so my body could actually be trying to get used to the missing 30 mg. but proudly as of today, ill be taking 120 mg a day, 30 mg 4 times a day. im excited yet scared cause i know that i can overcome the withdrawls, its the cravings that bring me down. and so far ive been able to say no. well family, it has been a while, but it just seems i cant get my questions or any of my posts on, so its kinda discouraging. i dont know what happen but when they changed administrators it was almost like a faker took over and is playing games. i tried to find a number to call, or my dr is trying to find a bureau where i can ask what are the rules and regulations as to postings if they are using a website for support. well, this may not get to you, but if it does. take are all of you, thank you all and there is not a day that goes by that i dont think of my dc family. love and aloha from the island of hawaii, leanne