(first) in melons, strawberries, wine... And the common element in mustard and hot dogs that causes such a horrible allergic reactions such as (apoplectic shock, severe stomach cramping muscles giving the feeling that I am blowing up inside as though my stomach is hardening with painful gas-like pockets)? I end up in fetal position in bed for 4-5 days on benedryl

I quit smoking in 2000 and was advised that when all the reactions started happening, it was due to the fact I ended up with a "chemical imbalance".
Not so sure it was worth quitting!

A simple small taste of a wine cooler sent me into a painful reaction which then led me to react to wine, then cantaloupe, honeydew, watermelon,grapes and strawberries. I have been trying to build myself up by eating a handful of grapes or strawberries and I have succeeded. However, if I forget what the heck I am doing and scoop up another handful, I end up in serious trouble
with my breathing, welts, itching around neck, stomach, groin, under breasts and sometimes the tissue in my mouth/gums goes beet red, burning and inflamed. I end up taking 4 capsules of 50 mg Benedryl and in bed for the next four days.

I don't know what the common ingredient is. Just like the hot dogs - a friend told me it must be mustard seed, which is present in hot dogs. Then of course I was in the midst of having trouble eating mustard which without it completely ruins a corn dog or hot corned beef or pastrami on rye!

So what is this ingredient that sends me into a tailspin. I won't even go into all the anti-depressants, statins, blood pressure and cholesterol meds I react to violently. Can anyone out there give me some advise and hope? Poupsee