So I recently just did laundry. I had some clothes and 1 sheet for my bed. I usually have a big load and put 2 cups of detergent but I had 2 small loads and still put 2 cups. That night after I took a shower, after I went to breastfeed my daughter (on my bed with the washed sheet) then after my neck started to feel really uncomfortably itchy and felt inflamed by my itching. Then that night it got worst. Went on my arms and legs. Went to the ER the next day, they gave me a generic version of Benadryl and an antibiotic to take for 5 days. The first time I took the Benadryl, it didn't kick in for an hour. After I took a half an hour nap, I woke up and I didn't feel itchy but these huge patches of red appeared on my upper arm, where my arm lays on my shirt. Only on the right side though. I also washed that shirt. I went to put on another shirt that I had not recently washed and it VERY slowly went away. After that I had to change due to leakage of my breast so I put on a T-shirt that I had ALSO not recently washed but the whole lining of my neck started to get itchy and on my chest and a little on my arms. Got tired of it so I took everything off and put on this dress I haven't washed recently, and it just gets worst. I have red inflamed bumps all over my upper and lower inner arm, the sides of my belly, both of my thighs, front and back of my calves, my neck, and also some on my face.. It's so itchy and the inflamed bumps are EVERYWHERE. it's currently 4:30 in the morning and I can't sleep due to the uncomfortable itching. I need help, please. Should I rewash everything including pillows and this other sheet I did not recently wash? Or am I wasting my time and money?