... N am also havein things comein up on my skin n d only thing that is carry them away is the prednisolone i have to take everyday sometimes i take 5mg 10mg 20mg r more depend on how bad it is, was takein dis drug now bout 6 to 7 years now n i want to come off real bad, because all kinds of things been happening to me now cents, i forget a lot of things i havein a lott of heart pain, my lower back is be killin me now for d pass 5 months n still hurting all now, headaches like madd, hurting for days be4 stoping, head feeling light when i get up from sitting, can sleep at nights, passin water a lottt, sometimes i is can't see soo good, n i also have asthma. Been to a lot of docters hear in barbadosn still no one can find anything, had all kinds of testes done, n now wait on one to return back, there thinking it may be lupus so still waitin on that one, but if it is not that i still out of luck so who can help me??? Really need someone help it is also hard to work r get a job, skin swells after doin almost anything, hands, foot, fingers, sometimes can't evan walk, n got me in real pain