Yes my friends I am back again!!!
I was stung by a bee about a week ago and I am allergic to them but my reaction was slightly different this time, let me explain:
Usually when I get stung I have an anaphylaxitic reaction so I usually grab for my Epi-Pen and call 911 right away. This time, thank God I was with a friend, my friend tried to get me to let her call 911 and I was real stubborn and said not to and I had refused to take my Epi-Pen. She talked me in to going with her to an appointment with her and to talk to the nurses at the place she was going to and I guess I did just in time. One of the nurses came out and got me seated, my friend made sure the nurse knew I had an Epi-Pen in my purse and he gave it to me and I took it and then all of a sudden I passed out for awhile an ambulance was called and the EMT's gave me more Epinepherine in the ambulance and put me on oxygen wide open. Now I don't remember what happened from a very brief period before the bee sting up until arriving at the hospital. The thing that concerns me is that I was so stubborn and arguementative about getting medical help I am not usually like that I usually get help right away and automatically use my Epi-Pen I could of died if my friend wasn't with me!!! Has anyone ever had an allergic reaction change your personality during the crisis like this? I lost some memory and my regular personality is back now but it changed at the time I got stung. I am now real scared to be out alone while we are in bee season here what if a stranger finds me next time and I am argumentative again and don't tell them about the sting they won't know what to do if they were not with me. Please if anyone has any suggestions or advice of any kind please let me know I am real nervous about this situation I could of died if my friend didn't get me to help when she did. Thank you in advance for any help or advice you may be able to offer. I have missed you all much love and respect, marjorie zych