Has anyone taken baclofen experienced what they thought might be an allergic reaction to it? I'm not sure if its the baclofen or something else, but I have been experiencing severe itching, wheezing, fogginess, & swelling in my face, hands, ankles & feet which has gotten much worse recently, to the point that I went to the ER a few weeks ago, but by the time I got there the swelling had gone down, my blood pressure & EKG was normal and they did not think I was having an allergic reaction, at least not at the present time. They looked at my medications & didn't seem to think any of them could be causing what I informed them I was experiencing. They couldn't get an IV started bc I have very difficult veins, so they werent able to do any blood work to see if I had a possible infection or if the cells that respond to histamine were high, ect. But they didn't seem to think there was anything wrong. I was short of breath, but not having difficulty breathing in their eyes. Well since then the swelling has been reoccuring & the itching & wheezing has gotten worse. I saw an allergist & the worst reactions I had for what they tested for was environmental things like tree pollen, and mold, so he wanted me to start a mold elimination diet which I have been following for a couple weeks but have only been getting worse. He said the swelling I was experiencing (I had pictures that I showed to him) looked more like a reaction to medications than to food or pollen, but when researching my meds didn't think that any of them should cause that. So I don't know if its a combination of my meds or one in particular that could be causing this, but I keep a food, med, & symptoms journal & it seems to me that everything got worse when I came off of my steriod medication (at doctor's request to test to autoimmune type illness.) I had been taking the steriod med for "neurocardiogenic syncope" which we are yet to find the cause or trigger. But since then my other meds have been increased to try to control the pain & muscle spasms I experience. I started baclofen & morphine sulfate in addition to what I was already taking: Norco, Pristiq, & Klonopin. I recently was diagnosed with adrenal insufficiency and put back on a steriod medication. I also had the baclofen & morphine sulfate dosages increased and it seems like I have gotten even worse since then, hence my concern that I may be reacting to the combination of medicines or just one & it seems to correlate with the start & increase of baclofen & morphine sulfate. I know stopping the morphine sulfate ubruptly would cause horrible withdraws, but was wondering if I could just stop the baclofen & see if that helps? I also take seroquel, forgot to list that one, and it is fairly recent too. I am just really confused with taking all these meds (phenergan too, I have severe nausea). I just don't what is causing this allergy type reaction & inflammation. But it is scaring me, I am so sick & I don't know what to do. And none of my doctors seem to know either! :(