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I am allergic to codine and morphine what can I take for pain?

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BlackHillsHigh 8 Jul 2013

I am also allergic to codeine and receive absolutely no analgesic benefits (but all the side effects) from morphine. However, I have found that hydromorphone (Dilaudid) does help. Also, oxycodone is another choice. Both of these are for moderate to severe pain.

Inactive 9 Jul 2013

Dear BlackKillsHigh, After many years in/out of hospital, Dilaudid is one of the strongest, most addictive pain killers, best used for short term only. Being allergic to Codeine makes your choices of pain meds a bit more difficult because a lot of pain meds have that in it. No dr is going to use Dilaudid as a starting point. They will want to try other meds and after a seemingly long trial period work up to the stronger meds. If you start at the top, there is no where to go, plus, when drs are told I am allergic to this and that, they "screen" you more diligently. FYI free discount card

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