My doctor tried me on Diovan & Diovan HCT. Both shut my kidney down. Breif health... NO thyroid. (cancer, both sides removed). One kidney (cancer, left one removed). Recently had Small intestine resection. Am in Stage 3 CKD. Have been on Norvasc 10mg (NAME) since 1992. Generic causes Myalgia. Norvasc has evidently quit working. Tried Linsopril, too many unpleasant side effects. Carvedilol, chest pain. I am alergic to sulpha of any amount. I went to get the Losartan and my pharmacist says it is in the same family as Diovan. Possible allergy. Most blood pressure medications have warnings about Kidney and Liver problems. I am waiting for my doctor to discuss the situation with my pharmacist. Does any one out there have the same situation, medically, such as the CKD, Thyroid, etc with any suggestions of a medication that won't kill me?