I'm 31 and 4 yrs ago was hit buy a car ironically the guy was dui now lui (life under the influence). I had trama to back and right leg and with out a middle step was given vicoden 750's 4x a day. My understanding being the only way you get addicted to these meds is if you abuse them, needless to say i was wrong lol. But I never ment to take the man i love down a path that I fear everyday I wont be able to pull him from. He's had a back ache I gave him couple pills and in a blink he was confessing of 20+ habit a day and debts to people I didn't even know. At this time I was up to like 5-6 a day tolerance on for so long that 4 didn't work anymore but in fear for his life our life I rather have pain so I decides to just stop and i did the next week nursed him through it. I thought it was over, WRONg, four yrs later I have stayed opiate free mostly except from surgeries and complications but its been relatively easier for me(never fun but do able) my love on the other hand just fell deeper into the addiction not fun times but by grace of god is now 10 months clean on 16mg sub a day. My problem is I recently had surgery and was on 10mg of perc 6x daily. I am on day 8 of using sub to detox started at 8mg now at 1mg i want to stop no matter what sick or not sick whats gonna happpen? I scared cause he is basing his detox chances off subs off of me I am so afraid that its going to scare him I know i can make it through but in all honestly my 4.9' self is the strength to this family if I fall it all comes down, please help!!!