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Does Aleve have motrin in it?

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DemoninDC 13 Mar 2013

No. Aleve's active ingredient is naproxen. Motrin's active ingredient is ibuprofen.

PoisonAlice 13 Mar 2013

No,there is no ibuprofen in Aleve. Aleve is naproxen. However, they are both in the NSAID family (non-steroidal anti-inflammatories). If you have any issues taking ibuprofen, you'll want to be careful when taking Aleve.

kymsu 13 Mar 2013

no motrin but does have ibuprophen,be careful.

DzooBaby 14 Mar 2013

Aleve is naproxen sodium, not ibuprofen. You are thinking of Advil, not Aleve. For further clarification, Motrin IS ibuprofen, Motrin is a brand name for ibuprofen as is Advil. Aleve is a different medication, naproxen and it contains NO Motrin, or ibuprofen, or Advil. Your statement is not correct at all.

kymsu 14 Mar 2013

you are so right its advil.i will be more careful next time.thanks for correcting me dzoobaby.

Pilgrim2824 9 Aug 2013

No it does not not at all..the ones who answered earlier were right on free discount card

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