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Alcoholism - does craving alcohol mean I am an alcoholic ?

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Princess22008 25 Nov 2009

It would also depend on a number of other things. Do you drink to get drunk or just to be social (meaning one or two drinks)? Are you craving all the time? Do you sneak or hide your drinking? Do you find yourself looking for reasons to drink, or do you drink just because you can?
But most importantly, do you think that you have a problem with alcohol???

Delila 28 Nov 2009

Ask yourself the questions that were asked by the previous answerer, but it doesn't necessarily mean you are an alcoholic. It could just be a habit.
Habits can be a very strong urge!
How long can you go without drinking?
How do you feel if you try to delay you drinking?
How many days of the week do you drink?

DadsWatchinU 29 Nov 2009

Generally speaking... if you have to ask... I think you know the answer. I would just not drink to be on the safe side. Wish someone would have cared enough to have talked to me 20 years ago... 3 yrs sober now... the say a sober alcoholic is the worse kind. Not preaching, just giving a lit'l advice, hate to see you waste as many years as I did, so many years, so many memories lost. free discount card

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