... from some tests ran last week that we are 100% sure are basically just confirming his liver disease caused by his drinking. Even though he knows how bad it is, he continues to drink daily and now has been adding a big bottle of wine or liquor to his usual case of Bud Light. I know that he is really scared and may even feel hopeless, but I can't figure out why instead of cutting back on his drinking (he would need inpatient detox to safely quit cold turkey) he has increased his alcohol intake. I am here to get some insight on how I can be supportive of his sobriety,be there for him emotionally, and just ensure him that he is not alone and that we will fight this together. What are some of the ways each of your support systems best help and comfort you? What is it that each of you feel is an essential part of your therapy that comes from your support systems? And also if anybody would like to share what sort or emotions you personally went/ going through when you first found out about your disease, I would greatly appreciate it. I would like to get an insight on what it is that he may be going through emotionally so that I can be there for him however he needs. Thank you all so much in advance for your responses and for sharing your personal experiences with me and whoever comes across this so that we can better understand not just the physical affects of this disease, but the emotional rollercoaster that comes along with a diagnosis like this