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Alcohol Withdrawal - how long do symptoms last once stopped drinking?

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htwooh 22 Jan 2010

I am very familiar with this and it depends on how long you have been drinking. I drank for a year when I was 28 and was so bad my brain had shrunk. I had tried to quit and knew immidiately I was alcoholic and was sick on average about a few days after I would quit and the minute I felt better I told myself I could have a drink after work and then it was in the morning again because that is always 'the cure'. Professionals say about a month before the poison gets out of your body and you feel physically pretty good but I think you mentally feel good after about a year. It is the mental addiction that leaves almost incapacitated sometimes and that is what I hated the most so I know how you feel. It is imperative that you are involved in some kind of conversations with someone that is going through the same thing. I had AA for 12 years and it saved me but is not for everyone. Find someone who is going through it and they can help and I will try to help if I can.

Psychmajor 22 Jan 2010

i would recomend detox personally (its only a few days) simply because alcohol withdrawal can cause seziures and death in rare cases but the above is pretty dead on (i think out patient therapy would be a great idea aswell so you can learn some coping mechanisms to help prevent a relaps) free discount card

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