I drink about a beer or two a day. Sometimes I drink a glass of wine a day as well. It's been two months since I started my antidepressants for OCD.

I started with Gabapentin and then Lexapro. I was getting better. However, not 100%... still having some OCD. So thr doctor changed the Lexapro and got me on Luvox... it seems as the Luvox has made me take a step back with my OCD situation. Almost back to what I was.

Will me drinking 1-2 beers or 1-2 glasses of wine interfere with the medication?

I take the Gabapentin right when I wake up. It's 800 MG. Then I take it again around 5-6 PM. And I take the Luvox around 6 PM. I take the Gabapentin before I go to bed. I drink at night.