Please let me start this by saying I'm not someone who abuses drugs. I don't like the feeling of being high/drunk so I only even take a quarter of my prescribed medication and even then only when my panic attacks are extremely severe, which means I will only take it 3-4 times a year max. Usually much less. However when I take it I NEED it or I would be in the hospital, and have many times. So here is my question- we had a friend in town and had a few beers today. I had about 5/6 beers but it was spanned out from 4pm-midnight so I was never really drunk since that's less than a beer an hour. Stopped drinking around midnight. I woke up at maybe 345 with the worst panic attack in years. Like, I woke my husband and tried to go to the hospital because my heart rate was around 200 and I couldn't breathe/ sweaty, all the typical panic attack symptoms... This lasted a very long time. He was finally able to calm me enough to get my heart rate down to about 120 but that's still high, I can't shake this anxious feeling. I know they always say not to mix alcohol and Xanax but in a situation like this, how long after drinking can I take a bit of it? Thanks for any help