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Does albuterol inhaler have steroids in it?

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zionfrost 10 Apr 2018

No, albuterol / albuterol sulfate inhalers do not have steroids in them. Albuterol is considered to be a "rescue" inhaler that you take when you have asthma symptoms or COPD, or whatever your PCP has prescribed it for. Normally, one also uses a maintenance inhaler that you use every day regardless of the level of your symptoms (asthma, COPD, etc.) For my cough-variant asthma, I use Symbicort every day... if I'm feeling good or bad. 'Normally' the Symbicort fights off my symptoms of cough and wheezing. However, if my cough and wheezing gets out of control, I use the Albuterol. I also use the albuterol before exercise or going outside to do yard work.

Your doctor should, no, he/she MUST explain this to you the difference between these two inhalers. If used correctly they work great. free discount card

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