I have been on Geodon for about two weeks 40 mg Now and since the first dose I go through a period of about 16 hours from before sleep to after I wake up that consists of a miserable fatigue and drowsiness, but at the same time I feel restless with the need to pace and keep moving . In other words, my mind is sleepy but my body is anxious. My doctor told me the anxious feeling was akithisia , but I've searched the Internet and have never found anyone to have both akithisia and sleepiness as it seems to be associated with insomnia , so why is it the opposite for me? I can go to sleep fairly easy but I feel miserable in the hours before and hours after waking up. Have any of you heard or experienced this before? I'm new to antipsychotics and my doctor wants to pull me off Geodon but I still have this question lingering. Thanks!