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What can I do about age spots? Are they permanant? I noticed I got them after 1 day I got sunburned?

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SHEsevEN4 15 Apr 2015

See skin Doctor, I had a spot from the sun for years and started to get bigger and darker, it was melanoma, I just got it removed it had not spread, be careful in the sun, getting sunburned caused mine from when I was little. the Doctor should take a look at your age spots.

DragonC 22 Jul 2015

I would recommend getting it checked out as well to make sure it's more then just age spots for precaution. Dermatologist would be the most helpful. Some treatments that would or could be recommended are:
Laser peels - Resurfacing the skin with a laser helps remove age spots on the skin's upper layers; may include treatment with Fraxel laser, ruby, Nd:yag or alexandrite lasers
IPL or Photofacial - Light-based treatments such as Intense pulsed light (IPL) therapy, also known as Photofacial treatment are designed to target and reduce red and brown pigment in the skin
Chemical peels - Like laser peels, chemical peels can also remove the skin's upper layers to help fade age spots; may include treatment with a TCA peel.
Or looking for creams that contain the following ( note: that you shouldn't just buy any cream with these ingredients or a cheap cream they will either not help or cause probelms)
Retin A - Topical retinoid (derived from Vitamin A) that exfoliates and disperses melanin granules to diminish brown spotsHydroquinone - Skin lightening agent found in products known to fade age spots, such as TriLuma, and Murad Age Spot & Pigment Lightening Gel
Kojic acid - Ingredient found in many skin lightening products; derived from a variety of different fungi and organic substances (such as soy and mushrooms)
Vitamin C - Specifically, L-ascorbic acid, the most active form of Vitamin C, is known for its ability to diminish brown spots; found in products by Cellex-C, BioMedic, and Obagi. free discount card

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