I am 18 years old and I am in a very stable happy relationship. I recently visited my gynecologist and began to talk about birthcontrol. I have been on depo privera for 2 years and she said it would be a good idea to switch considering i one day want children. She said at my age and the high dose i was on that it could cause me to become infertile. She went through the usual list of methods and me and my fiance decided on NuvaRing. She says he wont feel it and neither should i if it is inserted properly. I have had some say that it is the worst thing out there, but others say its great. I know it depends on my body and all. The depo shot caused me to gain 12 pounds in one year, abolished my sex drive ( which put a huge damper on my relationship), and caused many pregnancy scares due to "accidents" and no periods. Also the injection site hurt for days causing many problems as an active full time student. My fiance began to notice me being VERY moody, depressed and not even responding to his sexual advances. I start NuvaRing soon and am very concerned about it. Even though the doctor says it wont interfere with intercourse my fiance is a "large" man. I dont want to hurt him or myself with this device and I am quite uneasy about the different reviews. Im comfortable with the whole insertion and removal process but I dont know about some of the side effects others have had. I am on the go constantly so the pill is not for me, and the depo shot was very convienant but very bothersome. Since it is a low dose my gynecologist said many of the problems before would subside drastically. If there is anyone out there who had the same worries as me, could you reassure a first time user?