I am in my 70s and took anti depressants for over 20 years. I was on quite a few different medications over that time, some suited me and some did not. I was successfully on 150mg Effexor for quite a few years and had no anxiety or depression during that time. Last year my doctor suggested I come off, and it took me 10 months so I did not have any withdrawals.

My question is, should people of my age still take anti depressants? I don't know why my doctor suggest I come off them, I suppose she thought I had been taking them a long time, and may not need them any more. Well a year has passed, but gradually I have been experiencing anxiety and a little bit of depression. I am loathe to go back on a drug that took me so long to wean off but which helped me so much.

Are there any people here in my age group who can help?