My daughter started Seasonale/Seasonique years ago.No tumor existed prior to that. Now she has a huge, dangerous hepatic tumor that needs surgery and her gallbladder removed. Has growth on her spleen and a lot of pain.Financially drained us and need urgent care.Going to Loma Linda as soon as we can afford trip from NV. It's a very "bloody" tumor, approx. 2/3 of her liver affected. Causing many other issues. Recent blockage put her in ER and critical care.Somewhat stable now, but risk of rupture exists and she is in major pain all the time. Are there any lawsuits or can we file one over this? Her quality of life is awful and the medical care will be ongoing and even with successful surgery, her future is unknown now. Please - any help on this. Anynone know where we can go to stay near Loma Linda Med. Ctr. in S. CA? I lost my job and need to get her there from NV and have a safe place to stay.It's a ticking time bomb. She is so bloated and not herself.Our car needs a starter before we can risk the drive. Many expenses that I don't have funds for. Any Grants, Foundations, etc.? She is only 20 and deserves a better life and to smile again. I can't handle to thought of losing my beautiful daughter! Thank you