I've been on the implanon for just under two years. I had poor weight when I first got it and just recent months have gained five KGS. Taking me from 45kgs to 50-51.3kgs. I've always had irregular periods on the implanon and My last was roughly two-three weeks ago. My breasts have been very sore and have been feeling nauseous but not throwing up like morning sickness (I have been pregnant three times before implanon) My question is. Is it possible after nearly two years on implanon with no pregnancy, to get pregnant? Or is it the weight gain along with the implanon making my breasts tender and sore, and they have doubled in size. But I've always had problems with my weight gain and loss and when I weigh 50+KGS my breasts are big and a little sore but lately they really hurt and also have a tad more white vaginal discharge. Please help!!!