I've asked here before about my severe neck pain and finding something that might be able to solve it. My neck pain has been gradually getting worse as the time goes by and it most of the time feels like a sharp crushing feeling along the bottom portion of my neck and it sometimes travels into my back. I have currently been prescribed Naproxen, Gabepentin(Neurontin), Ultram and have received a trigger point injection into my neck all of this with absolutely no relief. I have had an MRI with good results and have been to physical therapy and a chiropractor still with no relief though the chiropractor did point out that my spine was curved on the X-Ray he did of me which he said was more than likely Scoliosis. I go this Wednesday to Sports Medicine to more then likely get another trigger point injection but I will definitely be letting him no that nothing is working for me as of yet.

I am 18 and even though I joined this forum rest assured that I am not a drug seeker in anyway I just want relief that I am not getting and am to the point where I don't care what they give me as long as it works.