I had slightly elevated liver enzyme level in may and have triple all 3 levels now, sgot was 23 now68, sgpt was 68 now 207, alk phos was 160 now254, i take orudis for daily headaches sometimes bid or tid, other meds were nortriptyline 80mg daily, relpax 40mg prn for migraines, just switched two weeks ago to topamax for titrating to 50mg daily in place of nortrip. and fioricet prn in place of replax, have stopped fioricet and am rechecking labs in 2 weeks. chol 212 trig 38 hdl 60 ldl 138. could the orudis cause that increase in the liver enzymes even though i have been taking it so long? md is thinking maybe the fioricet, any response