I feel like they own me and I am always out of it. I've stopped excerising and gained alot of weight on top of that. I have reached 4 tablets a day and Thursday I cut down to 2. Friday I took 2, Saturday only 1 and Sunday ZERO! Here I am @ wk today, Monday, feeling horrible. My aches are much better but I am so tired and hot/cold and yucky feeling. I want to go home. My rls is much better, which I am soooooo glad. That drove me so crazy Saturday that I just cried and cried because I couldn't sit still. I finally got dressed and went to the mall and wallked and walked. Sunday I made myself cleaned house, which I usually do w/out any problem but it was sooooo hard to do Sunday. I barely made it through it! Crazy... I can't stand much more of this. I am better today but still not back to normal-before hydrocodine. How much longer will I have to wait until theses bad feelings go away? Christmas is Sunday and I am having a house full of people coming. Will I be well by then?