After surgery I have had to depend on my pain management Dr. for medication to releave my pain.I am 4 wks out of major back surgery I had to have this surgery because the Dr. that did my previous surgery left me a mess, and I had to have all the hardware he put in removed and replaced, plus I had stenosis in my spinal cord because of some bone spirs. I also had two herniaded disc's. I also have had a total knee replacement in May 2010. I have lupus, rumatoid and ostioauthritus. When I came home after my back surgery my surgeon put me on hydrocodone 10/500 2 tablets every four hours. I mad sure to tell him all the medication I am on which includes methidone - one tablet four times a day, prednesone 5 mg. once per day. I made copies of all my scripts that my surgeon had prescribed and faxed them to my PM dr. A few months later they took over my medications, and his nurse said I did not notify them that I was taking medication from another Dr. They made me take a drug test $30.00. They have put me on Loritab 7.5 four times per day and only gave me 20 tablets. When I called for a refill, his nurse said that I am taking too much and that the four per day was actually for break thru pain and I am taking way too much medication amd I am just building up a tollerance to the medication. I told her I am in constant pain and by the end of the day I absolutely can not walk on my left leg because of the pain in my hip and my leg becomes numb. I told her I am scheduled for and MRI on my neck, back, and hip. I found out that the girl saying she is his nurse used to work in the office, and she is not even a CNA. She told me that the medication I am on now the one tablet of lortab 7.5/500 is actually more than what I was taking which was 2 of the10/500 hydrocodone. What is she talking about? Are these not the same but one is a different name because it is generic?? Do I need to just stay cut back and suffer. I can not bear to lay in bed all day. I am not a person who wants to be high. All I want is to be out of pain Most of the time I don't take medication until I start hurting. Apparently she does not know that I don't need medication for breakthru pain I need it for tremendous pain. Where do I go from here???