Stopped taking it 3 years ago. Since then all of the above. I have never been off the pill this long. Anyone stopped and went back on with good results? I have got hair all over the house, not on my head. I have pregnant boobs and have severe periods... two pads every two hours for 3 to 4 days... glopping and accidents... big ugly acne on my chin during and after period... I have never been off the pill for more then a few months because of moods, periods and acne. The reason me smoking after 35, my gyno let me go another year on it after because she knew what a mess I was. I quit smoking, the hair is the new thing, I noticed that about 2 years ago... it comes out in clumps on my cycle and days before. I am one of those crazy women you read about. The pill is the only thing that worked, I am starting back this sunday (YAZ) Just looking for someone in the same situation for support or help,advice. I am also willing to keep anyone up to date if they are going through the same thing.I have no faith in doctors anymore, been tested for thyroid, lupus, hormones, derm etc.