OK, so after reading all of the comments, I am SCARED to try Effexor. I have been on Zoloft for soon 2 years (I did`nt even know what zoloft was when I got it. long story I changed doctor) I am worse than EVER, and I was not even depressed when I`v got this. Felt likt the former doctor I had just treated me as a guinea pig. Throwing meds after meds and giving me NO info. Just to get me out of her office. And I where at that time molasted by another doctor that I was asking for help, got my C-PTSD, dissociation, anxiety diagnoses and was scared to death! She put me on heavy heavy benzo drugs, sleeping meds that after a while made me develop insomnia.etc etc ... I am now slowly trapping down zoloft... and we are talking about trying effexor. But after reading all of this... I don`t know if I dare. I know it`s individual, but I can`t go through more of this awful groggy, out of my self osv osv feeling. I don`t want a drug that I can gain more weight of.. cause that really does`nt help... and the gain weight is zoloft fault. I have been reading about Wellbutrin... please help me... should I try effexor?? or speak with my therapist and my doctor about another? as I got really scared