I have been taking Lexapro 40 mg and Lamictal 300mg with success for a few years. about a year ago My Psychiatrist tried changing my Lexapro to celexa 40mg and lexapro 20 mg after i felt like results were not as good as they once were. During this time i started talk therapy which proved to be very successful. So successful that From there we eventually went down to 15, than 10 mg of Lexapro while staying on 40 mg Celexa and 300 Lamictal.

Needless to say in January my therapist is no longer covered on my insurance plan, and 3 weeks ago i had a horrible panic attack and 2 days later ended up in the hospital due to a feeling of anxiety that was not going away for 8 hours straight. like a constant adrenaline rush. (I blame the reduction of medication, and possibly the switch of medication) Of course medically speaking I am as healthy as can be. However now for the past 3 weeks, my GP has changed me back to 40 mg Lexapro and cut out Celexa. then he knocked my Lamictal down to 50 mg (from 300!) and added 25 mg Seroquel. That was the worst 5 days of my life and i stopped the Seroquel 2 days ago. Yesterday he told me to just go back to Lexapro 40 mg and Lamictal 300 mg to get back on some stable ground.

I am in an emotional roller coaster now. I rely on Klonopin to get me through my days (never did have to use a benzo) I have a 4 year old and a fiance (been together 10 years supposed to be married in the fall) and I can barely function as a father, husband (fiance), or even employee. Thankfully I work from home, but basically my whole life has been put on hold. Does anyone have any advice, positive experiences, or expectations of how long this medication can take to balance out and give me some positive results so i start feeling closer to myself again? Thanks.

So tonight I am going to be back to my original medication i had success on