... as before. I was sent to a pain management Dr. and he started me off on 50 mg Fentanly patch. about 3 months latter we went to 75 . 3 months latter 100 which I am currently on now. Well, my husband retired and of course i am dissable so we have no extra income comming in. I have reached the gap with my insurance so I have to pay the whole price for my patches. We just can't afford 300. a month for them. My Dr. says I have gotton immumed to these so he wants to take me off of them and try some pill. Which is fine as long as it works. I have experienced some of the withdrawal just by accident of missing a patch or running out of time before I change the old. I can go 2/12 days before changing them. I have read some of your remarks and I new it would be bad but I never dreamed that it was going to be so bad. Now I am really scared to deathto go through this. and he says no hospital. should I continue with the patches or go through hell to get rid of them. I really don't think ,no I now i am not addicted to them . I am still in pain every day. I don't know life without pain anymore. Have been o n the patches 7 years. Please help me make the right decision