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After Getting Off Lorazapam, What Non-Benzo &Dose Do I Use "As Needed" For Periodic Anxiety Attack?

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LaurieShay 6 Aug 2012

Hydroxyzine is an alternative which is not a benzo but treats anxiety. The usual dose for anxiety is 50 to 100mgs four times a day.

RE Express 6 Aug 2012

Hi LaurieShay~ Question: Is Hydroxyzine non-addictive and are you aware of any side effects with this drug? Thank you~

LaurieShay 6 Aug 2012

Hydroxyzine is non addictive and only side effects is that it may dry your sinuses up as it is actually an antihistamine used also for treating anxiety. You can read about it at:

RE Express 6 Aug 2012

Hi LaurieShay, thank you for reponding to my clarification. Perhaps you might have an answer for the other Lorazapam question that I just posted prior to the one you answered regarding which dose time, etc.. I would really appreciate your overview to this question - it should be easy to find and is under this same category of anxiety, etc.

kennyray 6 Aug 2012

I have been on 12mg per 24 hours for about 40 years of Lorazepam. Your dosing is exceedingly small. I assume it is prescribed for panic attacks. Benzos were invented in eastern Europe in the mid 1960's. Before their invention, docs used anti-histamines to treat anxiety. Vistaril is one of those anti-histamines. It is RX only. 25mg. once a day may work for you. Otc Benadryl liquid may work also. Kenison P. Ray, of Houma,La.

RE Express 6 Aug 2012

Hi Kenison, Thank you for your response to my question. Yes, periodically -
I am confronted with an anxiety associated situation that shouldn't effect me but does. This last time, my taking Lorazapam has been for 10 months. I started trimming down in March from up to 2 mg. per day. It has been slow going & I have experienced 2 set-backs. My BP went up quite high this time & I became a Guini Pig with different BP meds that gave me added stress with the ups & downs of my BP - until I found a non Beta Blocker or Ace Inhibitor that both had terrible side effects for me - from the a Walgreen's pharmacist - named Losartan, which has no side effects for me. Peter, of San Francisco, Ca.

erin76 7 Aug 2012

I too have gone through being put on benzo's to help with my panic attacks. After being on them off and on for years I believed that maybe I couldn't be without them. I knew that being on such a med was not helpful for me coming from a very highly addictive family. Alot of drug addicts and alcholism in my family. So after talking to my doctors about this concern they put me on Hydroxyzine(vistaril) and it has really helped but do be ready for your attacks to increase while going off the benzo's... you should be able to take the Hydroxyzine while taking the lower dose of Lorazapam but check with your doctor first. It might be a bumpy road but it can be done and Hydroxyzine may be the way for you.

RE Express 8 Aug 2012

Hi Erin76,
Thank you for your response & helpful information~ I am on the home-stretch towards being "Free" again from Lorazapam. I will be at .50mg.per day on this Saturday and then it should take within 20-30 days to finalize this terrible chapter in my life! I will speak to my primary Dr. & get the Hydroxyine(Vistaril), to have on hand for any future, surprise, "panic-attacks".
Sincerely, Peter free discount card

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