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After Jetrea treatment, has anyone experienced changes in pupil dilation? Is this change permanent?

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mythreesons 24 Jan 2014

Hi flashforward,
I had a pupil dilation issue after Jetrea injection. It didn't cause any problems and it eventually went away but it took a couple of months for it to fade back to normal.

flashforward 24 Jan 2014

Thanks so much for answering. I feel greatly relieved. This medication seems like a miracle, but it's also a little scary.

Pastamaker08 12 Apr 2014

I didn't have a problem with pupil dilation after the injection of JETREA a month ago. The pupil in my left eye was dilated for about two days after the injection but it gradually returned to normal. I had a very positive experience with JETREA but I was an 'ideal candidate'.

hopebaby 17 Apr 2014

I had my Jetrea injection 2 days ago and the pupil in the injected eye is fixed and won't dilate at all. It looks really weird. I told my doctor's assistant about it this morning on the phone and asked if that was normal but she didn't know. She said she would call back to have me come in if it was abnormal and they close up in 15 minutes so I guess it's okay. Of course I called yesterday about the whole swirly clouds covering vision in both eyes thing and they thought I was crazy! They acted like they had never heard that and all they had told me to expect was flashers and floaters!

Anyway I hope the dilation issue does resolve because my eye looks weird and alien! It is also extremely sensitive to light which explains it closing as much as possible I guess.

jetrea 25 Jul 2014


Wondering how you are doing now with your eye and if you feel the Jetrea is worth it?

hopebaby 25 Jul 2014

Yes, now that a few months have passed I think the Jetrea is worth the annoying side effects. If it hadn't worked I was facing the surgery, which I didn't want. My Doc says my problem is fixed. The only issue for me is I am developing cataract in the treated eye. Sigh... I had been told at my annual exam I was developing one before they saw the Macular Adhesion so it isn't completely caused by Jetrea. They did say it was worse at my last appointment 30 days after injection.

I did not like the whole process at all but it beat surgery so yes, if I had to I would do it again.


Pastamaker08 4 Aug 2014

My injected eye has stabilised and my improvement in vision remains. I gained about 6 lines on the eye chart as the macular hole was closed. It has not completely disappeared but the doctors are no longer concerned. Unfortunately I have developed traction in my other eye and it is now being watched closely in case it tears a hole. I will have an injection if this happens. free discount card

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