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After Harvoni treatment has been successfully completed can you drink alcohol socially?

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chuck1957 2 Mar 2015

zenn211 So far the verdict is still out on this maybe by the time your done they well know more but the best even at that time I would be honest with the doctor and ask them you would not want to go through this all Then have to start again and the older meds.that was use for this Lots of doctors would not treat a patient again if they are just going to turn around and do the same thing I seen this happen several times and also Insurance companys..But they may know more by the time your off treatment Wish you the best but be very careful

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zenn211 2 Mar 2015

Hi Chuck1957,
Thanks for your quick response. Your points are well taken. I appreciate your help. I have since discovered through research that once a patient has cirrhosis of the liver it can not be reversed. However, it can be hindered or slowed down.
Therefore, any alcohol, socially or otherwise would only further the progression of the liver hardening process.
So, I am finished with alcohol all together. I am grateful for the blessings that I have been given and I will not squander them off for a few moments of pleasure in return for continuous heart aches and pain. This would spell suffering for me as well as my family. I want to live! Thank you Chuck 1957.

chuck1957 2 Mar 2015

Great a few moments are not worth your life and family..Life flys by fast as it. chuck1957

zenn211 6 Mar 2015

You are so right. Yes, life does fly by fast enough. I want to be finished with these feelings of extreme fatigue. I mean just simply no energy at all. I will be glad to see the day when I can just feel normal again.

Delila 3 Mar 2015

Hi Zenn, i was going to answer your question/leave a comment but i have since read your response to Chuck and just wanted to congratulate you on your decision to stay sober. I know how hard it can be, so stay strong and be proud of yourself. We are here if you need support...

zenn211 3 Mar 2015

Good morning Delila,
What a delightful response you've given me. I appreciate you for taking the time to show concern; thank you. I believe that we need each other and I am so glad that this kind of site exist for people like us who share a kinship. Plus, we have the mutual opportunity to share our feelings and our thoughts. Here's wishing you a pleasant day. :-)

Delila 5 Mar 2015

Thank you Zenn, it is good for us all that at times of crisis we can have each others backs

zenn211 6 Mar 2015

Yes Delila,
You got that right sweetheart. It gives added strength to know someone has your back. We get by with a little help from our friends. Thanks again.

learjet2112 17 Mar 2015

It would be crazy to do so.why would you?

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