... months, recently weaned off the prednisone about 1 month ago. Since then I have been having a lot of hot flashes and chills quite bad at night, my hair is falling out a lot in the last 2 weeks and I have some joint pain. My doctor has told me it is my choice as to whether I stop taking the Azathioprine or not. My crohns symptoms seem to have improved and I am doing okay that way. The other thing I have to consider is that I am a 51 year old female and I am going through menopause so not sure whether the hot flashes are because of that, but they seem more frequent (10 times/day) and not sure about the chills. If anyone can let me know if they have experienced anything like I am please let me know as I don't want to stop taking it and have another flare up of the crohns. Thank you in advance!! Catherine