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Want to know after first ejaculation the subsequent ones would be able to have a woman conceived?

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DzooBaby 23 Mar 2012

A woman must have an egg ready for fertilization for conception to occur. If there is a ready egg, then all that is needed is one sperm to reach and penetrate the egg for fertilization. This could occur in any ejaculation. If there is no egg ready for fertilization, it doesnt matter how many times you ejaculate-she wont conceive. Does that answer your question? I wasnt sure exactly what you were asking.

endlessPred 23 Mar 2012

It takes one sperm to fertilize an egg. They remain for a few days in the tubes. So this is the answer. Yes! There can be a baby. If you use a condem for the first round and think you don't need to for the next you are sadly mistaken and may enter the world of parenthood. Be careful and be smart. Women can get pregnant at any time in their cycle. Sometimes eggs release out of sync. No time is ever truly safe. Ask all those moms out their who took a chance. I even know someone who got pregnant during her period cause they thought that had to be a safe time. Hope this helps and informs. Again, be careful, be consistent, and be smart. free discount card

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