Hello, Iwas addicted 2 opiates for the last 9 10 yrs. I just went through a detox at a hosp,and it was horrible. Ileft with 7 scripts because my insurance wouldnt pay for me to stay long enough. Now I see a dr. who gave me 2 suboxone a day and 3 kolonopin 1 mg, also zoloft 150mg... I have horrible anxiety... always have,, even as a child. How bad is it going to be to try to seek counseling and get away from the klons.I have been on many ssri's but only once before for 2 monthes with a month inbetween got ativan 15 total per month as needed. and this doc really helped me but I am worried in the long run this could get ugly... any thoughts?
Oh ya, for once in my life,, I do feel better
I really was diagnosed at an early age with both social and general anxiety disorders and have been through tons of trauma but i am reallly wanting to be sober