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After got chronic pancrease, normally how long they can have?

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pickles503 7 Jul 2013

Hi Jie. Do you mean how can a person have chronic pancreatitus? When I had pancreatitis, I was in the hospital for over a week. It took about 3 weeks for the pain to go away and I could eat. I believe you need to talk to your doc as soon as possible. I'm not trying to scare you. Heck, I don't even know if I read your question right. What your talking about, I think, is pancreatitus.
Get back with me if you haven't found the answer to your question. We'll work through this together.

japaro 12 Jul 2013

According to one website you (and I) can expect to pass away 10 to 20 years earlier than a healthy person, some websites put it shorter and some say no difference.

Me, I believe it depends on how bad your condition is. I now have diabetes and osteoporosis as complications, in addition to consistently having severe vitamin deficiencies. So, I expect my life to be on the shorter end of those predictions...

Now for some good news, a research lab has developed a medical 3d printer and have already printed a small scale printed pancreas and other researchers have developed mechanical systems to manage diabetes. This will likely mean no real difference in life span. Last months nuts and volts had an article on the 3d printer. And then there is the recent advances in stem cell research. We live in a remarkable time and should never lose hope that things are always becoming better. All the life span studies are from before any of these break throughs.


Jie 12 Jul 2013

Thanks your responding.
I have back pain, left middle side, since last year June. After i checked my heart, chest, liver, .. then saw GI doctor, I toke EGD last Nov. the report said, stomach infection. Then take some medicine , the back pain still same.
I toke EUS, the EUS report said, it is board-line chronic pancreas.

Now i can not eat anything with fat, and take medicine Zenpep .

Before I toke Novas and Boniva, I thinking it is the reason i have this disease?
Thanks, and take care yourself.


KristieD 28 Aug 2013

I was diagnosed with Chronic Pancreatitis almost 6yrs ago and have been suffering horribly since with little to no help or support from anyone in the medical profession (dr's, hospitals,clinics,etc). I have lost 70+lbs and changed my diet drastically. My suggestions are to cut out red meats, spicy, acidic, processed, fatty, fried, raw veggies, alcohol especially). I am basically having chicken, pasta, soups,cereal, crackers, etc). Very bland. My condition is genetic though. I am here for support and suggestions (given by and TO me). People just don't understand the extreme pain and suffering as a result of this condition so i not only offer but am open to the mutual support available. God bless you and keep in touch. free discount card

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