I left my boyfriend with the agreement from him that he would not abuse his medicine and then I would come back. The first two months have gone by and he recently told me he was unable to take his medicine at the dosage he was prescribed. We made a deal when I first left him, that he could try to do it on his own but if he couldn't beat his addiction then he would have to give it up entirely and possibly go to rehab. Well he's now not taking it at all (lord knows his dr. will never prescribe amphetamines again), atleast that is what he tells me. I can't always believe him considering he has had to confess to abusing adderall three times to me, so I am never truly sure that he's not taking it right now. It has been a "supposed" week and a few days since he has been on it. Before this first clean week was even through he had already been talking about trying to get back on it responsibly in a few months time in order to go to grad school. I know how I feel about this pertaining to our relationship (that's for my therapist and I to discuss) but what I would like to know is has anyone had any success or know of anyone having success in being able to kick a habit and then use again responsibly? Even if it has nothing to do with amphetamines please let me know. I seriously do not believe he needs adderall for grad school, yet he thinks he will not go at all with out it. I just don't think a person can, should start thinking about taking their drug of choice before even a month of recovery has gone by. Can someone please please shed some light on the situation for me who has had some experience with this. Whether it's firsthand or third party I am in desperate need for some input. Thank you.