I am not really one to "buck orders" and actually want to follow my doc's instruction, but as this is a "Suboxone doctor", one whom I'm not familiar with (nor he familiar with me), I don't feel quite as bad questioning his decisions! He started me on 8 mg tab 3 x daily which by the afternoon, completely sedated me. On the advice of someone on a forum, I bought a pill splitter and have been experimenting... 2 tabs a day still seems a little much, but any less than that and I start getting horrible leg cramps. So I am going to stick with 2 for a few days (they are broken up and taken at intervals during the day, not all at once). Another thing this doc told me was that "we would probably treat me with Suboxone for 6 mos. to a year" - which to me is insane. I will not get addicted to this, yet another drug, though I definitely am benefitting from it now. My ideal is 6-8, maybe 10 weeks.

I'm wanting to know if someone can help me through a step-down/taper program, and if my time frame is reasonable. Again, I am completing week one of 16 mg Suboxone daily, split throughout the day, and am having no significant side effects, other than extreme afternoon lethargia.