I had a small tingling itch under the skin on top of my index finger. I did not scratch it I just rubbed it and thought it went away. The next morning there was a tiny red bump on my finger. Its located on top between my fingernail and my knuckle. The 2nd morning it had begun to swell up and it was red and very sore. I went to my pcp and she said it was a skin abscess. She didnt say it was staph nor did she say it was mrsa. But it doesnt seem like it is a boil. Ive had boils before and this just isnt like the ones ive had. She prescribed bactrim ds 800-160 2 times a day. 1 every 12 hrs. She also prescribed a bactrim ointment to put on my finger. So now after 5 complete days of treatment as prescribed my finger is just as swollen , just as red and as sore as the day I went to the doctor. Ive even went as far as to treat it as a boil, ive used ichthammol ointment 3 times a day on day 4 and 5, just to see if I could draw any thing out. Nothing, nothing at all. Now the top layer of skin on top of my finger (about the size of a penny) is almost gone. You can see the raw red meat. It is as I type this message..Very swollen, very red, and very painful... But the swelling pain and redness... Is on my finger only, it has not moved into my hand or other fingers. This antibiotic is not working at all!!! Any professionals have any ideas... Or suggestions??I would really like to avoid needles and having to get it lanced!!! Thanks jim