I was on 5mg of Lexapro for about four months when I started feeling a lot better, a lot of stressful issues in my life had been resolved and I was doing talk therapy so I decided with my doctor to come off of it. I felt totally fine for the first three weeks after being off of it, just had some headaches. Now, about four weeks later I am feeling a bit anxious. I have had some issues in my life that could be triggering it but I'm wondering if this is still part of withdrawal symptoms or if this is just my anxiety coming back and that I need to actually stay on the Lexapro. My symptoms are minimal, not as bad as when I started the Lexapro, but they are still there and annoying. I'm seeing my doctor today but I just wanted some other input. Going back on the Lexapro should really be a last resort thing for me, I'd much rather do natural things as I'm getting married soon and want to start a family and I know you can't be on the medication while pregnant. Any advice? Thanks!