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After being on 4 to 8 tablets oxycodone 30mg for past 2 years, how long before its out of my system?

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kaismama 8 Dec 2012

The half life of oxycodone is 4 hrs, therefore it should clear in a day or so. It is dependent on your metabolism to some extent, so it could be a little slower.

LaurieShay 9 Dec 2012

While it maybe out of your system in a couple of days if you stop taking this medication abruptly, you will experience withdrawals which may last a couple of weeks. Best to taper of this type medication slowly over time.

oxymoRon30suite69 16 Dec 2012

The time it takes to get out of ur system completely most websites will say 3-5 days. The amount u were taking is on the high side of what most dc's will rx so im thinking 5-6 days to be safe im taking 4 30mg roxis for bt pain also a day and as u probably know thank god for those little blue guys as they helped my pain more than those damn 40mg OxyPlacebo remakes they are prescribing all of the former oc oxy patients now!@%&%$£₩§®

oxymoRon30suite69 16 Dec 2012

I just wanted to add after taking 150mg of oxycodone a day for approx one year i tested positive five days after last dose taken with one of the higher quality self drug test kits from walgreens, just thought i would add that bit of info too im 35yrs old,180 lbs 5'8" but were not talkin thc detection times here so body mass isn't goin to play games with you free discount card

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