I was in pn. mngmt. for 3 years and was discharged for a false reason, found another dr. he cut the medicine down to 4 per day until I can get into new pain mngt. The new place wanted to change my medicine to feynt. or morphine. I snapped in the office and told that dr. that I did not want to be doped up and refused his treatment. Now I have to wait for a new pain place to call. The new Dr. I found just wrote me my last prescription. I just want to quit all of this and dont know how to do this, can anyone help with any advise? IT will be more help then my first pain management Dr. Who drugged me up and then kicked me to the curb. No meds, no referal, not even advice. I just want off of this drug, hopefuly there is another med out there for me.