Right at 3 weeks of taking 20 mg. daily of prozac I had a terrible reaction after taking my morning medication. This happened while I was driving my two young children to school. I felt totally confused, paranoid, like I was hallucinating, and I was shaking and felt like I could not control my movements normally. It scared me to death, and nearly caused me to have an accident with my kids in the car. I want off of this drug as fast as possible, but I know I can't stop cold turkey. The doctor prescribed me 10 mg daily and I have been trying to do even less than that to speed things along, but that has not gone well. Basically every time the drug wears off in my body I feel really spaced out, dizzy, and agitated. Can anyone tell me what to do? For obvious reasons I need off of prozac as fast as possible, but the withdrawal symptoms for me have been awful even after taking it for just 3 weeks. If anyone has a good method for quiting quickly that minimizes side effects, please share.

For anyone considering this drug for the treatment of anything other than major depression, DO NOT TAKE IT! LEARN FROM MY MISTAKE! I was prescribed this for pmdd.